No demands

Sometimes I find it hard to be the person everybody wants something from.  I want to have a night where I make what I want to eat, I do what I want to do, and I don’t feel like everyone is demanding something of me, even if it’s just a kiss.  I am trying to do that tonight.  Already, I have a girlfriend who thinks I am mad at her.

Lesbians suck!  We can’t have friends because we could be cheating.  We can’t have our own needs, because then we don’t love our partners.  I can’t possibly really need time to myself.  Something must be wrong.

My girlfriend had all day to be by herself.  I had ten minutes in the car on the way home.  When I walk through the door it’s “whats for dinner” ” where’s my kiss”  ” lets snuggle”  I have no time to just defrag from a day of “I need this shoe in a size 7 narrow.”

When my kids are here, I understand.  What is it about adult lesbian women that results in the disappearance of the individual.  Even when I was married to my ex-husband, I had friends and nights out on my own.  He didn’t think something was wrong if I needed time by myself.  Are lesbians somehow deficient in emotional empathy.  Can they not see the need for time apart.  How can I miss you if you are always there?


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