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Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2009 by Darlene Cunningham

I work 50 hours weeks at work, 50 hours!!!  I still don’t have enough to pay everything!  GRRRR!!!  I am so unbelievably frustrated.  I could cry.


Just an Angry Morning

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2009 by Darlene Cunningham

I feel so mad right now.  I know that I should just be mad at me, but I want to be mad at everyone else.  Why am I incapable of saying no?

My boss wants me to work 50 hours weeks and only have one day off…maybe.  The mooch at work needs another ride to work (even though he lives on the other side of town.)  I just can’t tell anyone no.

I don’t want to work an open to close shift the day after Christmas.  I want to spend my day with my kiddos before they go to their dad’s for the rest of their vacation.  I don’t want to give the smelly, pervy, put down guy a ride to work, I don’t like him, he leaves me feeling icky.

Why do people think they can ask all these things of me?  I am only one person.  I have had strep throat for going on two weeks.  Do I get to sleep?  I have dealt with the people at Citi-financial auto for a month now, and they still can’t get the account fixed.  How is this my fault?  I am so fed up.

I get to move out in one month and I gave my girlfriend an ultimatum.  She pays half or she doesn’t move with me.  She has two jobs and she is trying, but I still don’t see her making it.  She wants a parade because she worked all day.  So did I, where’s my parade?  I just get to come home and cook dinner.

I really am this self-centered.  It makes me sick and makes me sad.