Kids at Christmas

So, the holidays have come and gone.  I always look forward to Christmas with the glee of a kid.  I anxiously await the gift giving, I pore stores and websites for hours looking for the perfect gift, and I lovingly wrap them all beautifully.  I love giving gifts.

This year was particularly expensive, because I tried to balance the things my kids needed (clothes and shoes) with the things I knew they wanted (toys, toys, and more toys.)  Our tree was piled high underneath and I thought I had reached success!

Christmas morning arrived.  Santa had eaten his cookies and left a beautiful thank you note.  He had laid overflowing stockings at the base of the tree.  The kids woke up….

The unwrapping process is always fun.  I try to keep it slightly organized by having trash bag handy to collect the paper and tissue.  Watching the kids open their gifts…I can’t help but be a little disappointed.  The boots I agonized over for my 8 year old daughter, cast aside for the next gift.  Not even a smile.  The gorgeous clothes I picked, she couldn’t have been less interested, but…All the board games, the make up, and the Hannah Montana book were very well recieved (way to go Grandma on the book!)

My son, he just loves presents.  He loves the unwrapping process.  I guess at 5 the world is a little more sacred at Christmas.  He still gets joy just from tearing the paper…slowly and peeling the tape off tediously.  He goes so slowly, that there are eight presents of his left after everyone else has finished unwrapping.  It makes me laugh.  He was thrilled with his Nike sneakers and his striped rugby sweaters, but even better…Connect Four!!!  The race cars with the loop-d-loop track were pretty fantastic too.

After the unwrapping, we chilled far a bit and then went over to the in-laws to feast and open a few more presents.  I was given season 1 of Buffy!!!  Hells yeah!  Also got a $50 gift card to buy some work clothes.  Awesome.  All in all a good time.

The part that made me sad was when we got home and I found my daughter crying.  I was so sad to see her sitting there in tears, just sobbing.  I asked her what was wrong, expecting that she missed her daddy or that she had gotten hurt, but no,  she informs me that she is sad because she got too many clothes and not enough toys for Christmas and that she is already bored.  I was appalled.  My roommate responded with anger and told her she was grounded, but I rescinded that and sat her down to explain that Christmas is not a right, but a privilege.  I explained that she wasn’t in trouble, but that she was being very ungrateful for all the thought and money and time that had gone into getting her such nice presents.  At first I thought I hadn’t gotten through, but she turned it around.

About half an hour later she came out of her room with a letter for me and a very nice drawing.  “Dear Mommy, I am sorry I was so “ungot-ful” for my nice presents.  I really really like them they are vary vary nice presents. Love J******”

All in all, Christmas was perfect.  A few low points, a couple lessons learned (for her and me,) and a lot of love shared.


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