The Gift That Keeps on Getting

Valentine’s Day.  Typically a holiday I feel is forced on people.  I give my girlfriend gifts all the time.  What’s so special about February 14th?  Quite frankly, I need a break from required gift giving.  I don’t want to buy presents this year.  I’d like to spend some money on myself.

All I am likely to recieve is some gift I don’t really want.  Most likely some knick knack because my girlfriend doesn’t even know me.  And, I will have to act all grateful.  It’s like that ugly sweater your grandmother gave you when you were a kid.  Seriously, after a year and a half of spending every free moment together (bc she freaks if we don’t) shouldn’t she have some sort of clue as to what I like?

I am so unbelievably frustrated right now.  I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on something she will just complain about anyway even though she has been begging for it.  She always finds a reason to complain.   *sigh*


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